Mask-wearing: a thing of the past?

By David Pasia, Elliott Hammond, Chevarno Graham, Gianluca Barbazza, Megan Morgan and Giulia

Despite the COVID restrictions being lifted in the UK last July, the decision to wear a mask is still
widely debated throughout the UK.

“Quite frankly, I think it’s nonsense,” says Mental Health Foundation’s volunteer Tina
Papaconstantinou, 41. She added that “the Government knows exactly what they’re doing”.

Image: educadormarcossv Pixabay

Just like the MHF volunteer, this opinion is widely shared on social media and is prevalent from the
large numbers of non-mask wearing people seen in London.

On the flip side of this, there are members of the public who view mask wearing as a duty.

Rebekah Lumb, 22, who works as a theatre assistant in London says, “I fully, fully understand that
there are people exempt, who are autistic and struggle with wearing masks. However, technically, I
am exempt. I don’t think, personally, having asthma is a reason not to wear a mask.”

Within the health sector the issue remains relevant and generally encouraged amongst staff and
patients alike.

Editha Bautista, 48, staff nurse at London Medical in Marylebone also believes in the importance of
the mask mandate. “It was uncomfortable in the beginning, but, now, it’s like a part of our uniform.”

Image: David Pasia

Fully vaccinated pharmacy counter assistant Missy Patel, 20, said that she thinks that being double
jabbed should not be a valid reason not to wear a mask, which is a view shared by her manager Jule
Rose at Rose Pharmacy in Highbury.

“I wear it as soon as I leave my house,” the shop manager said.

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