Vaccine debate: Locals weigh in

By Tsvetelina Stancheva, Yahaya Egwaikhide, Dantes Odogwu and Jemmy Freitas Soares

Ever since the Covid-19 vaccination was approved for general use, the debate surrounding whether it should be made compulsory has been raging.


Covid cases in the UK are high again – and rising. Now the debate has taken on a slightly different tinge: should the vaccine be mandatory for everyone – or just for people who work in health care and schools?

“I don’t think it should be mandatory for anyone. We don’t know what the side effects might be in the future,” said Mathew Spencer, air conditioner engineer.

“They are trying to push it, making you feel like you have to do it. I had the vaccine myself and I still think that should not be forced on anyone.”

More than 72% of UK adults have had two doses so far, while 88.5% have had one, according to government statistics. Mandatory Covid vaccinations will not be mandatory for university lectures, Ministers are no longer considering it as an option. 

Stefan Okros, Line Manager at Selfridges said: “It should be mandatory just for some workplaces like care homes, health care etc. It shouldn’t be mandatory for everyone. People should have an option to choose.” 

“The 11 November 2021 implementation date does not leave a lot of preparation time for care providers and so it is recommended that they begin conversations with staff needing vaccinations now,” said Joanne Ellis, Partner, Head of Healthcare.

Ibrahim Pedro, Post Office truck driver said: “I believe it should be compulsory in some situations when you’re working with elderly or extremely vulnerable people. My wife is a care worker and was at risk of losing her job if she didn’t do the vaccination.”

Prisca Nwachukwu, student of sustainability and environmental management, said: “Even though the vaccines are effective and safe, I still do not suggest that it should be made compulsory for all of us.”

Photo: Dantes Odogwu

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