Islington residents battle with high food prices

By Rose Blanchard, Bianca Jashnani, Glwadys Beya and Chibueze Oyo

UK food prices have gone up by 8.3 percent since January, according to an index compiled for the BBC, and many Islington residents are struggling to make ends meet.

Local corner store supervisor, Sait Aslan, believes that Brexit is behind the increase in food prices.

‘After Brexit getting in products became increasingly challenging,’ said Aslan, who works in the Holloway Express Supermarket on Holloway Road.

He mentioned that an increase in VAT and issues with shipments and containers were the main factors contributing to the increased food prices. Suppliers are facing increasing cost pressures due to factors such as rising commodity prices and global shipments, and the impact of labour, driver and commodity shortages.

Cost increases rising

According to David Sables, CEO of Sentinel Management Consultants who is in charge of the relationship between the suppliers and the supermarkets, the level of suppliers coming to him to talk about cost increases is unprecedented.

‘The latest report from the @SocMetricsComm shows that #poverty in the UK remains a significant issue. Before #COVID19 14.4 million people were living in poverty: 8.5 million working-age adults, 4.5 million children, and 1.3 million pension-age adults,’ said the report from Legatum Institute. 

“Thirty pounds used to get me two bags of shopping, now it only gets me one,” said Sherise Carty, Holloway Road resident.

She highlighted the difficulty to feed a family of four on that same £30 budget.

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