Hospitality cuts hit Holloway

By Mia Aitken , Alisha Samuel, Fiona Vitija, Olivia Sandford-Wilson, Evie Smith-Adams

The hospitality industry across the UK has been hit drastically as a result of COVID-19, with Islington venues struggling to stay afloat.

The number of hospitality workers nationwide fell by 6% from March – September, putting 147,000 people out of jobs during that time period, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Independent cafes and restaurants along the Holloway Road have been particularly affected.

Running a private business has been “hard, due to our reasonable prices, it was difficult to stay afloat”, said Ecuadorean restaurant El Rincon Quiteno owner Jose Torres.

Fiona Vitija

As a way to keep income coming in, the family had to adapt their business to fit with government guidelines, which meant moving on to food delivery services as needs must.

However, “it only made us enough to keep going, after paying a percentage to the delivery service themselves”, says Torres.

Another local business owner, Giuseppe Alcedo, runs independent Italian restaurant Alcedo. He said that there “has only been two new employees since Covid, which has made the level of service hard to reach at an adequate level’.

Olivia Sandford-Wilson

Currently, El Rincon are doing a meal deal where you can get one course and a drink for £7.50, which would be perfect for a lunch in between lectures or as a business meal.

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