Covid can dominate my lipstick but not my eyes: 3 looks that will dominate spring 2021

By Francesco Fiori

With the arrival of spring 2021, the lockdown will hopefully finish and people will leave their houses more than they have over the last three months. But we will still wear face masks, to protect ourselves and others. That begs the question: how can we enhance our faces with a mask on?

Everybody knows that eyes are really communicative, and are the part of the face where we can be the most creative. So why not learn how to enhance your eyes – after all, they are the windows to the soul!

Here are three makeup looks that can inspire your spring 2021 look – even with a mask on.

Go green

Green is the protagonist colour of spring 2021, and the first look is inspired by nature, using green and yellow with thick eyeliner and fake lashes. Easy to blend, this look will take no more than 10 minutes to realise. 

Do not forget to give a touch of light in the inside corner of your eye. This will give you a touch of elegance and give you the right vibes – it will be easy to show the world that you love springtime!

In touch with nature

Another Look that recalls nature, this one will help get you ready for a night out after all the months that you’ve been living like a hermit, sequestered at home. A smoky eye in green, a touch of shiny green lime and a bit of blue is what you need. A false eyelash will complete this look, which is fantastically easy to achieve. 

Make the inside and outside corners a deep green, blend the creases with a bit of blue and add the same shocking lime in the middle of your crease. Voila! You have got a gorgeous smoky eye.            

Big and bold – colours for spring

Last but not least is gold and purple, the other two colours that will be protagonists in spring, 2021.

This look is also easy to make. Put gold colour in all the creases then just apply some purple on the outsider corners, then dab on some eyeliner. False eyelashes can give you a touch of extra elegance.    

These are just three examples that you can use to inspire yourself. Other colors you can use for beautiful looks include:

  • Cardinal Red for an Intense and luminous look
  • Optical White to match with any other colour of the season
  • Pink to give that touch of candy, and have a look that’s simple but makes you appear seasonal
  • Lilac to inspire yourself with the colour of the fragrant flower and show a strong personality
  • Cinnamon Brown is nice to use with colours like Lime Green
  • Grey is great in the evenings and gives important events a touch of strong character and femininity at the same time  

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