“World’s first pop-up mall” – Boxpark Shoreditch

Pictures/videos and text by Kimberley Dhliwayo 

Overview of the Boxpark



Interested in all things art, fashion and food – which love to embrace individuality? Then Boxpark Shoreditch is a great location for you.

The two-storey pop up was launched in 2011 and has since added two locations in Croydon and Wembley. The ground floor is filled with many retail stores including independent brands. Upstairs is full of different restaurants which cater for everyone – yes, even vegans can find something!

Created from shipping containers, Boxpark has also managed to maintain a happy, carefree atmosphere, which gives shoppers a different experience from what they might find in Westfield or Oxford Street. Shoreditch is notoriously known as an arty area, which makes the pop up mall very fitting. It’s also a popular area with tourists because of the vintage shops – a huge advantage for brands at the mall, as it’s hard to miss.

Boxpark has many stores, ranging from clothing emporiums to gift shops. Anything you want – you can get it from Boxpark. Feel like getting your eyebrows done? Visit Arch Shoreditch and they will do it for you. You could also find yourself getting a new hairstyle at Tigi Bed Head Hair Space. Anything is possible at this one location – you can even get a drip to improve your health whilst you’re on the go.

“It’s a good location to have your shop because it attracts tourists. It’s good on the weekends, especially when they have events, as it’s a hotspot,” said Elena, who didn’t give her surname and works at the instagrammable Couco Eyewear store, which sells different styles of glasses.


Shopping isn’t all this mall has to offer. You will never get tired of going to Boxpark because different events are taking place all the time. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, family, significant others and even yourself.

The setup of the mall is a reflection of the area; very artsy and cute.  Benches outside restaurants give you freedom to order from different eateries as your friends, and still enjoy each other’s company. Throughout the day music plays in the background – never just one genre – which is a good way to introduce yourself to music you wouldn’t usually listen to.


Nosteagia, which specialises in desserts, is famously known for their bubble waffles, which start at £5.50, although they also sell bubble tea, ice cream and more. Create your own waffles and add different toppings to create a unique sweet feast.


M&M bubble waffle
Outside view of Nosteagia


Aside from the amazing food and stores, the hallways on the second level display a collection of paintings, as every month a different artist showcases their art. This is great exposure for artists because many people will get to see their work, which can lead to more opportunities.

Right: @WVWVOW

If you are more of a night owl and enjoy going to music events, this is also the place for you. Boxpark hosts many music events, so there is always something different to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.  Most events start at 7pm, continuing to 11pm. Boxpark is a good place to start your night out, and you can always go to surrounding clubs in Shoreditch later in the evening.


April events

You’ll never spend hours arguing with friends about where to go if you visit Boxpark, which truly has something for everyone. See you there!






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