Behind the scenes of the catwalk

Tribute or theft? Cultural appropriation and fashion panel and fashion show at London Metropolitan University 29th January 2019.

By Emilie Warner and Charlotte Hart

Nude lips and a monochromatic makeup look let outfits and cultural accessories shine at London Met’s catwalk.

The backstage team began operations swiftly at 2.30pm for London Metropolitan’s ‘Tribute or Theft’ catwalk show at 6.15pm. Emilie Warner, Creative Lead, directed the hair and makeup team of four – Charlotte Hart, Maria Rubiera, Valentina Olivares Trettel and Leah Goodall – to create a high-fashion, editorial look.

A group of 10 student models donned thick black eyeliner, heavy highlighter and contour, and that nude lipstick for the monochromatic finish that allowed the clothes and cultural accessories to take centre stage.

There were a variety of accessories with the outfits to showcase different cultures, including the Spanish flag painted on Seville-born Pablo Donas’ nails, opulent drop earrings worn by Essex-born Zara Hill and a brightly printed Caribbean hairband on Monique Reynolds Blanche.

The hair was kept simple and styled to the models’ taste and outfit. Valerija Mickevica wore a traditional Russian long plait and Ludovica Vincenti was styled with two high ponytails to replicate film character Harley Quinn.

The all white clothing line-up was designed by BA Fashion students with each outfit sporting its own theme and meaning. Fashion Marketing and Journalism student Leon Thomas wore ‘Kid Flash’ which revealed a superhero outfit underneath his civilian white jacket, prompting the question; would you recognise a superhero on their day off?

But it was Johnny Elderfield’s illuminated jumpsuit that stole the show and had the audience roaring with laughter as the catwalk wrapped up.

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